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We are Dan and Ashlea (affectionately coupled as DAshlea by our friends), hence DAsh-ing around the world. 

We are an Australian couple in their late 20s who decided to leave our comfortable jobs and travel the world (instead of buying a house like most of our friends).

We couldn’t be happier with our decision, and would love to share our journey with you!

Hopefully we can inspire your wanderlust by sharing our adventures, destination guides and travel tips and tricks that we’ve discovered along the way.

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Travel Tips

One stop shop to everything you need while travelling.
Packing Guides, Tips to Surviving Dorm Rooms, How to make friends on the road...

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Everything you need to plan your next trip. Destination guides, travel itineraries, road trips.

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Travel Tales

Our Travel Stories, Adventures and anecdotes. Hear about some of the amazing people we've met on the road.



The 40 Best Wine Regions in the World

Update your bucket list to include these 40 best wine regions in the world. From sprawling valleys to hillside villages to medieval towns, travel around the world to Europe, Southern Africa, Australia, and the Americas with these 40 best wines of the world.

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Middle East

12 Awesome Things to Do in Jerusalem

Considered the holiest city in the world, visiting Jerusalem is essential on any Israel trip. Here are the BEST things to do in Jerusalem to get the most out of this traditional and religious but increasingly modern city.

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