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14 Romantic Gift Ideas for Travellers

Are you running out of ideas of what to buy for your travel-loving special someone? It can be so difficult to find something unique and special, especially when you want to add a little romance to your pressie. But there are plenty of incredible fun, unique and personalised gifts if you know where to look.

Here we’ll show you our favourite 15 gifts for travel-loving guys and gals that will make their day (and make you the best partner ever)!

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For Everyone

Mystery Holiday

Mystery holidays have been around for decades, but seem to be making a comeback in the last few years. Originally a mystery holiday was just cheap last minute flights offered by airlines looking to fill seats, but these days you can fork out thousands to book a package that includes flights, accommodation, activities and more. 

Instead of booking a package, why not add a dose of romance and creativity and plan your own mystery holiday for your partner? 

Simply choose your destination and dates and start planning the perfect getaway for you both. A good plan is to book the essentials, like flights and accommodation, then plan a few things for you to do, like booking a romantic meal and a big activity or adventure your partner has always wanted to do (see Fun & Unique Experiences below for more ideas). 

Then just plan your surprise – when are you going to reveal the destination? Perhaps the day you leave, when you get to the airport, or when you arrive at your destination.

Some cute extra touches you might include:

  • Create a beautiful printout telling your partner about their gift (we use Canva all the time – it’s a free online program that has hundreds of templates to use) *just don’t reveal the destination yet!
  • A suggested packing list (cold, warm, beach, adventure etc) to help them pack for the trip
  • A cute little gift to ‘hint’ at the destination, such as a cute sunhat for a beach trip or a bottle of wine for a winery region, or gift a book loosely related to the destination
  • A list of things to do in the area (museums, tours, markets etc) that your partner would like, so they can have a say in your plans too *give this to them only when you’re ready to share the destination

If this all seems like too much hard work, or if you’d like to both be surprised about your holiday, there are packages you can purchase where all the work is done for you. But keep in mind you’ll have much less say over the destination and it will likely be more expensive than booking it yourself.

For USA based couples, check out Pack Up & Go for domestic mystery holidays, and The Vacation Hunt, for domestic and international options.
For Australian couples check out these offerings from Red Balloon.

A Fun & Unique Experience

Our favourite gifts have always been those that created an experience we could do together, so this is the perfect way to try something new. Whether its something that will push your partner (or yourself) out of your comfort zone, like bungee jumping or skydiving, a fun local activity you never got around to trying, or perhaps something they’ve always wanted to do, experience gifts are the perfect thing to get for people who already have ‘everything’.

I think these are some awesome experience gifts to try (hint hint Dan :P); scuba diving, hot air balloon ride, skydiving, parasailing, winery tour, cooking class, surfing lessons… let your imagination run wild!

We always use GetYourGuide to book our activities!
Why not search your local area to see what fun new experience you and your partner could try, or if there’s something they’ve got their eye on, search (for example) ‘skydiving’ and see where you could take a trip together to do it.

Book the perfect adventure for you and your partner here

Pushpin Wall Map

Track all of your travels together on this gorgeous world map. It’s made of special canvas that allows you to add a pin to everywhere you’ve visited, and you can even choose the colour of your pushpins to match their favourite colour!

For a little extra flair, pop down to the local craft store and pick up pushpins a couple of other colours so you can track solo and couple trips too!

Credit: CanvasVows

Vintage Destination Poster

Is there a place you and your partner both love that represents somewhere special to the two of you? Maybe it’s where you met, where you got engaged or married, or simply somewhere you went on an amazing holiday together. 

What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful vintage poster of the destination! These posters from LittleBlueDogDesign are gorgeous and add a nice spot of colour to your home.

Whistler Vintage Poster
Barcelona Vintage Poster staged on desk with plant next to it
Credit: LittleBlueDogDesign
Norway Vintage Poster

Personalised World Globe

These vintage inspired world globes from WhimsyType are the perfect addition to any travel lover’s decor. Make your gift a little more personal and add their favourite phrase or quote in gorgeous hand-lettered cursive.

Vintage Globes Colourful with curvy writing "wanderlust"
Images used with permission from Etsy Store WhimsyType
coloured vintage style globes 1 big and 2 small with curvy text quotes on them

Star Map Print

This beautiful star map print is the romantic gift you have been looking for! It’s a thoughtful present that you can celebrate a special place and moment in your shared history. Choose your date, destination and personalised phrase or quote, and get this gorgeous print showing exactly how the night sky looked on that special night.

Star Map 'night forever began' - etsy store MapMyMemory
Star Map 'beginning of our forever'
Images used with Permission from Etsy Store MapMyMemory
Star Map 'night the start aligned....long quote' - etsy store MapMyMemory-2

Nice Weekend Bag

These gorgeous weekender duffle bags are the perfect packing solution for short getaways and carry-on only travel. Fitting perfectly into aeroplane overhead compartments, these durable and spacious bags have plenty of pockets and even a shoe compartment, and they’ll fit everything you could need and more.

For a good-looking but affordable option, check out these Kemy’s Canvas & Leather Duffle Bag.

Meanwhile, if your partner likes patterns and colours, these Weekend Bags by Oflamn are perfect (and even have a suitcase handle attachment, for those times when a suitcase is necessary too)!

Or if you’ve got some dollars to spend and want a beautiful leather bag, you can’t look past this Augus Leather Weekend Duffle Bag!

Cute Passport Cover

What says sickeningly cute travel couple more than coordinated passport covers? These luxurious (vegan & eco friendly) faux leather passport covers are available in adorable colours & patterns and come in a matching set – ready for your next trip together.

A Travel Notebook

A journal is an excellent travel companion for any traveller, whether you travel regularly or are embarking on your first adventure. Perfect to document daily thoughts, feelings and experiences.

For those who love that vintage style, this rustic leather journal is the perfect choice for travel-addicted guys and gals. The quality pages inside are refillable with a choice of lined, unlined and kraft paper so every possible use is catered for. It also has a pen slot, card holder and many hidden pockets and clips to keep everything organised.

Meanwhile, this pretty journal has a luxurious vegan-friendly faux leather cover imprinted with beautiful designs (multiple to choose from) and cute charms to wrap the journal closed. Inside the pages are refillable, simply remove the provided notebook and replace with a new one. It also has a pen slot and pockets on the inside of the cover (to keep the notebook in place) that can store tickets, small maps and more from your trip.

For the Gals

Travel jewellery

This gorgeous travel-inspired jewellery by DiamondRoseJewellery is the perfect way to inspire wanderlust and show the world how much they love adventure. There are lots of designs to choose from, but I personally adore the custom globe necklace, and the compass and coordinates necklace, so pretty! Each piece is handmade to your specifications, available in sterling silver or old plated, and comes in a beautiful gift box.

Plus, this pretty jewellery organiser pairs perfectly with the jewellery! It had plenty of storage so your partner will always be able to bring their favourite jewellery on trips (and add some unique additions on the way), and folds up flat to fit in any size luggage.

Travel scarf (with hidden pocket)

The perfect travel accessory for stylish gals (or guys!). These great scarves have a large hidden pocket perfect to stash your passport, some cash or even your phone while travelling. And they’re available in a crazy amount of fabrics, patterns, colours and styles to suit every occasion. Choose a cosy and warm winter scarf, a lightweight and fun summer accessory, or buy one of each for the perfect traveller’s collection.

Check out this cute WINTER SCARF!

Cream and Grey Winter Scarf with hidden passport pocket
Images used with permission from Etsy Store OrganicScarf

What about a light SUMMER SCARF?

multicoloured lightweight Scarf with hidden passport pocket

Travel Perfume

Get your special lady a unique travel perfume to remember your trips together. Each time she uses it all those wonderful memories will pop into her head.

These perfumes by The Petal Collection are light and feminine, and come in roll-top bottles making them a great travel perfume! Plus, no more worrying about her regular perfume bottles leaking or breaking during transit.

For the Guys

Dopp Kit

Get your beau something special to take on trips with a gorgeous ​leather toiletry bag.

This luxurious leather dopp kit from Michael Hendriks offers enough space for all their daily needs. Boasting ​supple, top-grain leather, an​ accident-proof lining​, a wide opening to always find that they need, and a flat bottom to sit comfortably on bathroom counters, this ​multipurpose leather toiletry bag is a must for any traveller.

For that extra level of personalisation, what about this lovely monogrammed leather dopp kit. Handcrafted from genuine leather, this stylish, vintage looking travel case promises to keep all their grooming items smartly organized. Available in 3 colours, each full grain leather bag is handcrafted in the USA, and even has a choice of monogram styles to completely customise your gift.

Travel size cologne

Something that men don’t really consider when shopping for themselves, but important nonetheless! This gift pack has multiple mini bottles of cologne, perfect for them to just grab and go each trip!

Has this list been useful in planning some fun, unique and useful travel gifts for your special someone? Make sure to SHARE and PIN IT for next year!

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